Writing & Directing

My feature project SAVE ME! is in development for a 2020 release date. In the meantime, I’m a writer/director for hire.

I have extensive directing experience in many genres. Check out my directing reel.

I direct and write and films and commercials with medium and small crews.

As a professional screenwriter, I collaborate with or write for anyone who brings me a great story and can pay something for my time. I’ve done a few rewrite projects.


I’ll bring in other professionals from my extensive network if your requirements and budget allow and oversee the production and post process to deliver a strong project.

Profile video
For musicians/visual artists
Kickstarter Video / Sizzle Reel
Fund-raising videos discounts for non-profits
Music video: Let’s talk… I know you guys have big ideas…
TV/Web Commercials for mom & pop business (TV quality)
Big Brand TV Commercials

Make a reel, in various locations, with other talent. Getting auditions or that first role in a short without a reel can be an uphill battle. I’ll direct yours, so that you star in it. Prices are negotiable, depending on your requirements.

Highly negotiable depending on deadlines, credit given, and the likelihood of development leading to production.